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Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

Thondimuthalum Drikshakshiyum
i dont know which emotion overwhelmed me while watching this movie, because i saw a distinct portrayal of Alappuza. Paddy fields,backwaters, houseboats, fishfry and spicy gravies- this is the typical Alappuzha. But there are lot more than that. And this movie has journeyed on a diff route-Cherthala, Thavanakadavu & Vaikom.When i saw these places on screen it reminded me of the tedious yet happiest travles of my childhood.
Once in a month, I and my amma used to go to Vaikom as my mother’s house is at Vaikom.Its a 3 tier journey-sluggish transport bus, jetspeed private bus and finally the boat at Thavanakadavu ferry.When we get down there, we could see a hutch made of wood and a small hole thru which we give coins to collect tickets. The air would b rich with the smell of peanut roast(kappalandi varuthth). carrying a pack of kappalandi, with torn tickets( the man at the gate tears the ticktes and i still wonder y does he tear t) rushing to get the sideseats,the journey would start with mindful thoughts.imagination at it best…engine sound made us quiet.Then I wud luk around and confirm that the earth is roundÂ đŸ˜€
watching diligenlty, so that i shouldnt miss the glimpse of any mermaind poppin up( thanks to balarama). At the same time, looking at the sky to see the various formations of clouds…
I wud imagine that cherubs wud come n take me with them to the sky.. aayy we cud play hide n seek in the clouds, decorated swings, melodious songs etc.
of the most terrible thoughts, was that what if d boat got drowned.sacry images would gush n i wud hold my amma’s hand so tight n eyes closed.amma wud hug me close and say ‘nothing will happen’, as she understood my baffling thoughts.
most happiest thought is that i wud get some money from my grandparents. On return, amma & I wud get down at Cherthala and wud do some shopping; eating masaladosa an icecream from Indian Coffee house, new earrings n bangles from Anand ladies store an so on…
With atmost happiness, we wud fetch the bus to Kuthiathode and the day wud b over.
This movie made me sink deep down to the sea of memories.